“Connectors are exceptionally kind and loving people…They always find something to appreciate. They can get lost in the beauty of a starry night or a frog on a lily pad. They see beauty in children, and they find a natural radiance and splendor in the aged. They have no desire to judge anyone in low-energy negative terms, and they …know that the all-creating Source brings only beauty into material form and so it is always available.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Is It Your Time To Shine?

Influence is in inverse proportion to distance. It’s easiest to influence when we’re together, which is why politicians still travel the country making speeches and shaking hands. Email is one dimensional, phone two dimensional, meetings three dimensional. Yet so many in business default to email instead of personal contact.

No one has ever charmed me with an email, and the last major purchase I made due to a cold phone call was in 1988. Enthusiasm is contagious when we’re face-to-face!

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Together We Are Powerful

My vision is of a world where each of us is supported in realizing our highest selves. A place of discovery where our own individual gifts and strengths, contribute uniquely, in  harmonious, diverse, creative, and collaborative success.

Insightful Guidance

A creative at heart, Anthony Faulkner is a thought leader who uses personal insight to discern opportunities.  He helps you to know something essential about a problem or an opportunity!

Leading With Insight

When you choose to work with Anthony Faulkner, you can be sure that you will receive a perspective that is uniquely yours; adding a high level of insight to your individual situation.

Don’ t do life alone!

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